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Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mama!


Baby Cindy Mae
Mr. Incredible
CW & Cindy Mae

Aunt Marcela and Little Cindy
Too cute...

Since my Mom prefers (demands) that her children ignore her birthday and not buy her any presents or make a big deal of it, I have been stumped as to what to do for her. Truly, it seems wrong not to shout to the world that the best Mother in the world was born yesterday, some 53 years ago. I've pretty much bucked her on her "no presents, etc" deal every year, except this one. The truth is that with two young kids I couldn't have run out and bought her a gift if I wanted to. So, what do you do for someone who saved your life? She adopted me when I was eleven, along with my two younger brothers. She took me out of foster care and gave me the life I needed. Because of her choice to follow God's will for her life, I was brought from Texas to Georgia where my whole life changed. I would not have met my husband, therefore I would not have had my two amazing kids. Again, how do you thank someone enough for that? I guess you can't. I can think of nothing that would repay her for the sacrifice she made to be my Mom. As I type, I am amazed at how similar a Mother's love and God's love are. Although they give their all, there is no way to repay them, only loving them and trying to make them proud can show them a glimmer of the immense gratefulness I have. So, Mama, please know that I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday (yesterday) and my prayer is that you will one day understand the deep and everlasting love I will always have for you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cindy Mae

CJ and Cousin Alyssa enjoying some time in the baby pool

"This is MY cake, thank you very much!"

CJ & Cindy Mae's Mama
Pretty Alyssa

CJ and Daddy
Daddy's so cool...

too cute

Cindy Mae getting ready for church

As I have uploaded these pictures CJ has put some of my eyeliner on, accidentally/on purpose spilled water in the bedroom (he likes to yell "Look Mommy, MESS!"), proceeded to sit right in the middle of the water puddle and totally ruined my chapstick. This is why I only upload pictures and have not had time to actually write anything interesting in such a long time...maybe someday. (Sweet Cindy Mae is sleeping soundly in her swing).